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Native Plant: White Mouth Dayflower

I happened to pass by this blue ‘weed’ while out walking in my neighborhood some time ago and decided to look it up. It is a white mouth dayflower. It’s presently a part of one of the more common native species in the world and can be found growing on all continents in some form.These blue day flowers are sometimes used as a pigment for clothing in some countries and as medicine in others.⁣ ⁣ Some regard day flowers as an ornamental, while others consider it a weed. It can…

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Gardening Tips: How can I get my pepper plants to grow more peppers?

Peppers plants are a tropical plant. They love warm temperatures, sunny environments, good moisture and rich soil (think the Caribbean, Hawaii, etc.). How can we create that environment in our gardens? There are a few simple steps: Light: Peppers are a tropical plant and require a lot of warmth and sunlight. When selecting a spot to plant your peppers, choose a spot in you garden with full-day direct sun exposure (10+ hours). If you are unable to find a spot with full direct sun, I’ve found it helpful to place…

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