wild sunflowers
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Reminder: Take a Moment to Enjoy Nature Today

Sometimes, it’s the littlest things can bring the most joy. Something as simple as stopping to enjoy the beauty of wild flowers, trees or grasses blowing in the wind can really alter your day and add yet another positive experience to your lifetime of memories. ⁣⁣Today, I hope that you will take a moment to relax and enjoy the beauty that surrounds you. ⁣ Please follow, share and like:

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monarch butterfly by melanie charlene
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Butterfly Love

Butterfly Love! Clips of the Butterfly Activity: Melanie Charlene’s Garden Calling all butterfly lovers! Butterflies are such beautiful and interesting creatures. Watch them fly, balance on flowers, drink nectar and more. Photos and video by Melanie Charlene, author of the children’s book: “Garden Spy Butterflies” Please follow, share and like:

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eastern bluebirds in a nest
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Eastern Bluebirds Nest, Eggs and Baby Birds in a Birdhouse

Eastern Bluebirds Grow from Eggs to Baby Birds in a Garden Birdhouse Watch this heartwarming story of five little birds. It shares the life and journey of eastern bluebirds nesting in Melanie Charlene’s garden birdhouse. Features: birds picking a birdhouse, the nest, eggs in the nest, bird development and more. ⁣ Please follow, share and like:

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kid harvesting fruit from the garden
Child Activities Edible Gardening In The Garden

Giving Children the Opportunity to Pick Their Own Fruit

There’s something very satisfying about watching children pick and eat ripe fruit right off of trees and plants. Whether you are growing your own fruit in your backyard or community gardens, picking fruit from a local farm, foraging for fruit from a nearby trail or buying fruit from your local farm or orchard, it’s an experience that every child should enjoy.⁣ ⁣I hope that all children will one day have the opportunity to experience picking fruit from a tree or plant. ⁣⁣The book “Garden Spy The Life of Fruit” by…

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seed shopping with kids
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Seed Shopping With Kids

When children can choose the vegetables that they’d like to grow and are given the opportunity to grow them, they’ll rarely ever complain about having to eat their vegetables.⁣⁣There’s something about gardening… it brings out the foodie in children. Gardening makes children want to explore many different types of fruit and vegetable options.⁣⁣Be sure to include children in the seed selection process when planning for your garden. You never know what fun and interesting things that they may choose.⁣ Please follow, share and like:

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Child Activities More Articles Nature Watch

It’s Time to Go Outside and Play

It’s been an interesting winter to say the least: abnormally low temperatures record high frozen precipitation and much more. It’s easy to get into the routine of staying indoors. I’d love to encourage you to step outside today and encourage your children to play outside! The development of daily healthy habits starts now. Allow children at least 30 minutes of outside play every day.⁣ ⁣ Outside play can boost attention spans, sensory skills, cognitive development, social social development, emotional well-being, immunity and overall happiness (sunshine is an amazing mood booster).⁣…

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Hunting for Treasure: A Fun Way to Explore Nature

Spending time outdoors can be a fun and exciting adventure for children of all ages. There are so many fun things that kids can do no matter where they live. One of my favorite outdoor activities is hunting for treasures. Our earth is filled with an infinite amount of treasures that is just waiting to be discovered. Grab a pouch or container, get the kids and head out in search of some of those treasures. You never know what you may find. Activity Description: With treasure hunting, kids are encouraged…

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In The Garden Native Plant List Nature & Garden Nature Watch

Native Plant: White Mouth Dayflower

I happened to pass by this blue ‘weed’ while out walking in my neighborhood some time ago and decided to look it up. It is a white mouth dayflower. It’s presently a part of one of the more common native species in the world and can be found growing on all continents in some form.These blue day flowers are sometimes used as a pigment for clothing in some countries and as medicine in others.⁣ ⁣ Some regard day flowers as an ornamental, while others consider it a weed. It can…

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Edible Gardening Gardening Tips In The Garden Nature & Garden

Gardening Tips: How can I get my pepper plants to grow more peppers?

Peppers plants are a tropical plant. They love warm temperatures, sunny environments, good moisture and rich soil (think the Caribbean, Hawaii, etc.). How can we create that environment in our gardens? There are a few simple steps: Light: Peppers are a tropical plant and require a lot of warmth and sunlight. When selecting a spot to plant your peppers, choose a spot in you garden with full-day direct sun exposure (10+ hours). If you are unable to find a spot with full direct sun, I’ve found it helpful to place…

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Bulb Planting Tips
Gardening Tips In The Garden More Articles Nature & Garden

Spring and Fall Bulb Planting Tips: Time Saving Mass Bulb Planting Technique

Planting large bulbs, particularly in larger amounts can be a tedious task.The typical method would be to dig a hole that is approximately twice the size of the bulb and plant the bulbs at a depth of 2.5 to 3 times the height of the bulb.⁣ ⁣ This means that you would dig a small hole with a tiny gardening tool and carefully place and cover ⁣every single bulb one at a time. Not an exciting task. Particularly, when dealing with hard clay soil (depending on the bulb, heavy clay…

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