Five Birds on a Wire (E-Book)

Five Birds on a Wire E-book

Five Birds on a Wire (E-Book)

by Melanie Charlene

Five Birds on a Wire is sweet melodic children's book that promotes scientific observation through a child's senses and encourages the appreciation for the little changes that we experience in nature through the weather.

This read-alone / read-aloud book will inspire young readers and adults alike to look a little deeper and consider some of the everyday blessings that surround us. This positively uplifting book will surely bring smiles to little faces.

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Five Birds on a Wire by Melanie Charlene Ebook

Five Birds on a Wire by Melanie Charlene Ebook

Kisskadee Kiss-ka-dee the Kiskadee Bird Sings

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Reading Level: Preschool, Elementary
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Published: Colrfall; December 22, 2015
Language: English

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Packaging: Zipped File

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