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Gardening Tip: Learn How Save Big on Spring Bulbs

Add beauty to your garden, reduce waste and save money with this quick tip: Garden centers are filled with beautiful blooming bulbs every spring. The bulbs are often potted and packaged for planting or gifting and are sold for top dollar while in bloom. Once the blooms fade, the plants are often either tossed or marked down but, as the saying goes, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”. ⁣

Potted bulbs with spent flowers can be transplanted into your garden for future blooms. I picked up the hyacinth plants pictured few years ago as while the blooms were already. I got them for a matter of cents (far less than the cost of a hyacinth bulb) and they have done extremely well; re-blooming beautifully year after year. ⁣

Planting tips for spent potted bulbs:⁣

1. Plant and water your potted bulbs/plants during the Springtime. You do not need to wait until fall since they are technically being transplanted.⁣

2. Water thoroughly immediately after planting. This is a living bulb that has not yet gone dormant so be sure to water it once planted to allow it to ‘settle in’ to it’s new location.⁣

3. Watch and wait for the leaves to turn almost completely brown or yellow. Bulbs tend to re-absorb their energy from their green leaves in preparation for the next year’s blooms so try not to cut the leaves off until they are no longer green.⁣

4. Once the leaves are brown or yellow, trim the foliage to the soil line.⁣

5. Cover with mulch.⁣

6. Watch and wait for it to bloom again next spring. ⁣

Have you ever planted perennial bulbs in the spring?

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