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Now or Never – Choosing Now as your biggest ally.

How many times have you postponed your dreams?⁣

“When I wrote “Five Birds on a Wire” years ago, I found myself waiting to get everything just right before taking steps toward having it illustrated and published. As life would have it, nothing ever seemed to be ‘just right’ so I kept waiting. One day, I got sick. I began reflecting on all of the things that I wanted to accomplish that I hadn’t done yet. That’s when I realized that well over a decade had slipped by while I waited to get everything perfect for me to publish this book. It was at that moment that I decided to take on the motto “NOW OR NEVER” as my own. With no supplies on hand, I laid sick at home with a pencil, paper and my tablet in my lap. I felt shaky, weak and tired but my days of waiting until tomorrow, next week, next year… were over. All I have is now so I decided seize the opportunity…⁣

Result? “Five Birds on a Wire” was published. There a story behind every story: Every shaky line drawn in that book and every leaky color, tells a story of perseverance and a choice to step out on a limb and decide that with God, “NOW” is my biggest ally regardless to the circumstance, challenges or trials that I may face. ⁣

I’d like to encourage you to step out of and make “NOW” your only option so that every dream deferred will become your reality.”

~Melanie Charlene ⁣

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