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Spring and Fall Bulb Planting Tips: Time Saving Mass Bulb Planting Technique

Planting large bulbs, particularly in larger amounts can be a tedious task.The typical method would be to dig a hole that is approximately twice the size of the bulb and plant the bulbs at a depth of 2.5 to 3 times the height of the bulb.⁣

This means that you would dig a small hole with a tiny gardening tool and carefully place and cover ⁣every single bulb one at a time. Not an exciting task. Particularly, when dealing with hard clay soil (depending on the bulb, heavy clay soil may require amendment). ⁣

I began to think: Since the objective is to get the bulb in the ground at a particular depth and cover it fully with soil, why not plant just plant them in groups? ⁣

Here is what I did:⁣

1. I dug a shallow hole to the depth of the bulb’s requirements (mine were 5 inches). I hug the hole in the shape and width of the general area that I would like to plant my bulbs (I planted them in areas of approximately 2 ft x 1 ft).⁣

2. Place into the hole where I’d like for the flowers to grow and bloom.⁣

3. Fill the hole with the soil that I removed; carefully covering the bulbs completely.⁣

4. Mulch over the planting area to discourage weeds from growing.⁣

I loved this approach because it only takes a few minutes to dig the hole, get everything planted. It also made it easier for me to space and arrange the bulbs to my liking. I was able ⁣to plant nearly 100 bulbs in well under 40 minutes where as the other method would have taken several hours.⁣

Tip: I recommend that you ditch the hand tools for the project in order to speed things up. Use a full-sized shovel to dig or, if you have hard or heavy clay soil, consider using a pitchfork. I find it a bit easier to get a pitchfork into the ground than a shovel with our clay soil. Also, to cover the bulbs. I found it faster and easier to use my hands. Try different things out. See what works best for you.

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