kid harvesting fruit from the garden
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Giving Children the Opportunity to Pick Their Own Fruit

There’s something very satisfying about watching children pick and eat ripe fruit right off of trees and plants. Whether you are growing your own fruit in your backyard or community gardens, picking fruit from a local farm, foraging for fruit from a nearby trail or buying fruit from your local farm or orchard, it’s an experience that every child should enjoy.⁣ ⁣I hope that all children will one day have the opportunity to experience picking fruit from a tree or plant. ⁣⁣The book “Garden Spy The Life of Fruit” by…

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seed shopping with kids
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Seed Shopping With Kids

When children can choose the vegetables that they’d like to grow and are given the opportunity to grow them, they’ll rarely ever complain about having to eat their vegetables.⁣⁣There’s something about gardening… it brings out the foodie in children. Gardening makes children want to explore many different types of fruit and vegetable options.⁣⁣Be sure to include children in the seed selection process when planning for your garden. You never know what fun and interesting things that they may choose.⁣ Please follow, share and like:

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